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Mountaindale Woodworking offers the experience gained from over thirty years in the cabinetmaking profession to help you make your cabinetry dreams and desires a successful and affordable reality. Owned and operated since 1976 by Joel Templin, Mountaindale Woodworking is a small company providing one on one personalized service for both Contractors and Homeowners, from the design phase through installation. You will not just be another customer as is too often the case with large companies and cabinet brokers, you will be "the" customer. Everything we manufacture is carefully designed and constructed on a custom basis. Being more versed than most in virtually every aspect of cabinetmaking helps insure complete solutions, practical function, and high quality, affordable products delivered on time and to your exact specifications. As a homeowner  you may find the Planning page helpful for a better understanding of some of the things you'll  want  to become familiar with as your project gets underway.  Both the Portfolio and Planning pages have images available for  viewing.  Jan and I would enjoy helping answer any cabinetry questions you might have. Please feel free to contact us for further information. 

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