Here are some photos of recent projects. Click to enlarge and "back" to return. 

WhitKitFrt.JPG (180662 bytes)         WhitKitFR.JPG (181537 bytes)
Raised Panel Glazed Painter / Glazed Stained Maple

     MortonKit9.jpg (192926 bytes)         MortonDesk1.jpg (183964 bytes)     
Raised Panel Stained Alder   

 ArtSr15.JPG (51761 bytes)         Werre31..JPG (57304 bytes)
  Flush Inlay to Beaded Face                          Distressed Glazed Painted Finish 

BrysonKitA.JPG (58192 bytes)        
  Shaker Natural Knotty Hickory                          Banded Slab Natural Red Oak  

LeviFlushAl.JPG (71111 bytes)        LeviFlushAl2.jpg (76907 bytes)
Flush Inlay Molded Raised Panel               Flush Inlay Glazed Stained Cherry

TempMstr.JPG (205129 bytes)        KellyKit9.JPG (231161 bytes)
   Raised Panel Natural Rift Cut Oak                     Mitred Inset Panel Stained Alder 

 Wallace Mstr. Refer 6.jpg (56951 bytes)        Wallace Laundry6.jpg (60051 bytes)  
Raised Panel Distressed Glazed Painted Finish 

Bell5.jpg (66554 bytes)        Camas3.jpg (68353 bytes)
Raised Panel Natural Maple                       Inset Panel Whitewash Maple 

HermannB.jpg (170393 bytes)        mike10.jpg (26180 bytes)
         Raised Panel Natural Cherry                   White RTF Fronts over Natural Cherry

  HenryKit.JPG (352862 bytes)        HenryTV.JPG (133339 bytes)
Radiused Raised Panel Painter                         Raised Panel Stained Cherry


TempKitF.JPG (167429 bytes)
Raised Panel Rift Cut Natural Oak



              AmanTable1.JPG (108975 bytes)         HenryColumns.JPG (242642 bytes)         
 5' x 9' (X 14') Red Oak Dining Table                                   Cherry Columns         


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